4 Essential Skirt Styles You Should Have in Your Wardrobe


Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be huge to get the diversity you want. Throwing different pieces together and shaking things up can make it seem like there is no back to your closet and your outfit choices are endless. One of the most important staples you can have in your closet is the skirt. Skirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and just a few accessories can completely change your outfit from night to day.

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The Difference Between Fashion and Style?

Woman in coat waiting for someone

Fashion and style tend to be used interchangeably, however they represents two different concepts. Fashion is following the mainstream, being ‘in vogue’ literally because one’s outfit came from the pages of a fashion magazine. Style is a bit more engraved, maybe even matured. It’s knowing who one is and expressing that individuality through one’s clothing. Both fashion and style can be expressed in nouns, but while fashion belongs to everyone, style is dedicated to the person who owns it.
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Most Famous Fashion Designers

Trendy Hipster Girl Sitting on the Wooden Porch

Fashion is always changing. Designers constantly attempt to cut a new silhouette, show off a different body part, or create wearable art. Although there are many fabulous designers from the past century, a few have created clothing that isn’t only recognizable and beautiful, but made a significant difference in the fashion world either for innovations in wearability, style, or simply memorable pieces. Here are ten of the most famous fashion designers of our time, designated for either the wearability of their pieces or the sheer beauty of their couture.

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Fashion 20/20: Predict What We’ll Wear in 2020


The only constant in fashion is change. The irony of fashion’s ebb and flow is a tendency of up cycling previous trends: like the flared trousers of the 1970s making a reappearance in the 1990s, or 1980s high waisted jeans reemerging over the past 2 years, and full skirts resembling the 1950s glamour girl were popular once again around 2010 and five years later we are still enjoying a shorter version, similar to skirts from the 1990s. Fashion trends are ever mixing and matching with each other, changing only in fabrics and slight cut adaptations. They are popularized for a few years only to fall back into the shadows in anticipation of the next appearance. In order to predict what trends will be in the spotlight in 2020, a little bit of fashion hindsight goes a long way in determining what designers will edge towards.

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